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The Columbia Council is the red headed step child of loco politics. Even though
the elected council members serve as the board of directors of a corporation
with an annual operating budget of $60 million and 1,300 employees, very few
people pay much attention to its governance.
The system itself is at least partially to blame. Election rules and procedures
are inconsistent among the 10 Columbia villages and not all who pay the CA lien
are even eligible to vote, including the majority of the commercial property

Voter apathy is also to blame. Even seemingly contentious citywide issues such
as the future of Symphony Woods park barely register a blip on most
Columbiaresidents radar. On the other hand, try and take away a neighborhood tot
lot or swimming pool and suddenly people start to pay attention, though by that
time it may already be too late.

Its not too late now. If you live in Columbia please get informed and vote on
April 20thor, at the very least, get your hands on an absentee ballot. If you
know someone who lives in Columbia, particularly the villages of River Hill,
Oakland Mills, WildeLake and Long Reach, please encourage them to pay attention
and participate.

A healthy and forward looking Columbia is in the best interests of everyone who
lives in HoCo.

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