среда, 28 августа 2013 г.

KPMG Advisory, FDD-California

I’m Vince Valle, senior recruiter with KPMG’s Financial Due Diligence group.  I saw your profile in our career database and wanted to reach out.
We are currently looking for Managers and Directors in SF, LA, and SVO.  This group is willing to train auditors into Financial Due Diligence so you can apply your accounting fundamentals and think about clients in a new way that no one else does.  The work is value added and depending on the city you would be focusing on PE or Technology.  This is a unique opportunity, and I would like to speak to you for 10-15 minutes to discuss further.  The firm as a whole is investing in these areas, and we are gaining market share.  If you are looking at options besides another busy season, this could be a GREAT option.

Vincent Valle
Senior Researcher
National Research Team
239-417-1232  |  Vvalle@kpmg.com

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